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Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio Club

The NKARC Repeaters are open for use by all licensed Amateur Radio Operators. Please feel free to give a call.

MHz Offset PL Tone Location / Description
145.420 -600 Highland Heights, KY
D-STAR repeater
Note: Out of service due to site remodeling. Check back for updates.
146.895 -600 123.0 Highland Heights, KY
147.255 +600 123.0 Edgewood, KY
147.375 +600 123.0 Walton, KY -- Also used by KY7ET for emergency comm. & training
440.600 +5 MHz Edgewood, KY
DMR repeater (see note below)
Associated with NKARC and KY7ET

Note: The DMR repeater is in partnership with BluegrassDMR, c-Bridge K4USD. This repeater supports all normal Talk Groups. Talk Group Local2 will connect to N. Cincinnati to make a true Greater Cincinnati Local2.


We offer EchoLink access to our 147.255 repeater via EchoLink node and call: K4TCD-L Node: 932415

(Please note that we are running EchoLink version 2.0.908)

Weekly FM Nets

NKARC Net: Tuesdays at 8:30 PM local time on 147.255.
Net control operators are always welcome. If you want to gain experience as a net control operator, please contact k4co@ymail.com.

KY7ET Net: Thursdays at 8:00 PM local time on 147.375.

Newcomers Net: Sundays at 6:30 PM local time on 146.67.

A more complete list of Cincinnati area Ham Radio nets may be found by clicking here.


During inclement weather (WX), WARN (the Weather Amateur Radio Network) will include our 147.375 repeater in severe WX nets. This provides greater coverage to the southern portion of the Northern Kentucky area.

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