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Welcome from the Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio Club. Our NKY Mapclub primarily serves the area of Northern Kentucky, but gladly offers its services and membership to anyone interested in Amateur Radio, regardless of location. NKARC holds regular, monthly meetings, open to all, with free VE testing preceding most meetings. The club owns and operates several VHF/UHF repeaters including one D-STAR machine. The club also participates in various public service and Ham Radio events throughout the year.

Announcements & Club News
NKARC Meeting
7:30pm, Monday, May 8, 2017
Fort Mitchell Baptist Church
2323 Dixie Hwy, Ft Mitchell, KY 41017
See map here.
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JT65: Digital Mode "Du Jour"
by Christian Bravo, W4ALF
An introduction to the weak signal mode created by Joe Taylor. A brief intro on the basics of the mode, protocol and practical tips will be presented. The presentation by WB8IMY will be used as found on the ARRL website.
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VE Testing before the meeting as usual.
Testing starts at 6pm.
Amateur News Weekly
On the go? No time to read newsletters and web pages? Listen to Amateur News Weekly, a 5-10 minute audio message of timely amateur radio news from the tri-state area. A new edition is released each Sunday at 6pm. Check it out at amateurnewsweekly.com. Also note that NKARC member Jack, AB4WS, is one of the presenters.
Samual F. B. Morse Day
9am - 3pm, April 29, 2017
The QSY Society will celebrate the 226th birthday of Samuel F.B. Morse on Saturday, April 29th. W2M will be operating 40m to 10m, CW ONLY. Look for them on the DX Clusters or the SKCC SKED PAGE.
World Maker & Inventor Expo
10am - 3pm, April 29, 2017
Boone County High School, Florence, KY
This is a great opportunity to see what the engineers and inventors of the future are doing today. ARRL KY-Section Youth Coordinator and NKARC member, Mark, AI4BJ, will be there demonstrating how Arduino and Raspberry Pi can be used in Amateur Radio.
Get a QSL from Mars!
May 5 - 6, 2017
The North Hills Amateur Radio Club will be operating a special event station K3M on 06 May 2017 at the Martian New Year event in . . . . . . Mars, PA., 25 mi N of Pittsburgh. A town with a good sense of humour as they have a 15' "flying saucer" displayed on the village commons. See Mars, PA info. K3M will operate mostly on 40m and 20m phone. A commerative QSL is offered.
ARRL Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology
Are you a school teacher, or do you have a friend who is? Check out the ARRL Teachers Institute here for information on an opportunity for an expenses paid, teacher's professional development seminar this summer. The application period closes May 1 for a session which will take place July 17-21 in Dayton, Ohio.
(SKYWARN) NWS Spotter Training Schedule
A 2017 schedule for weather spotter training classes provided by the Wilmington, OH office of the National Weather Service is available here. This is a great opportunity to learn about severe weather systems, how to identify potentially dangerous cloud formations, and when and what to report.
(Flying Pigs) Flying Pig Marathon Volunteer Still Needed
It's Flying Pig time! Time to sign up to help at the 2017 Flying Pig Marathon. If you are interested the link is: http://volunteer.getmeregistered.com/events/register.php?id=268&group=2509
The group password is "ham" (what else would it be, really?)
Please sign-up in the marathon's volunteer registration system so you're included in the PR count, the T-shirt count, and so I don't have to keep spreadsheets!
If you have an assignment preference (even if you've expressed it previously) please indicate so in the "Comments" field.
If you are signing up for the Saturday events (instead of Sunday, or in addition to it), please also indicate that in "Comments".
Thank you for your interest, and your partnership.
-73- de N8TFD/Steve
(Parity Act) Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2017
On January 13, 2017, the "Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2017" was introduced into the new 115th Congress. This bill was designated as HR 555, and is identical to the language of HR 1301 which was passed by the US House of Representatives in 2016. On January 23, 2017 the US House of Representatives passed the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2917 by unanimous consent. This action now sends the bill to the US Senate for its consideration. Further information on HR 555 and how ARRL members can assist in working towards its passage will be forthcoming from the ARRL.
A list of Cincinnati area Ham Radio nets may be found here,
or near the bottom of the NKARC Upcoming Events page.
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